I’m really excited to announce a new NFTY Pup collection on the Tezos Blockchain and the Hicetnunc platform!

While I will continue adding new pups to my Premium Rarible collection, the price of Ethereum, combined with high gas fees can be prohibitive for the average collector.

I wanted to create a more accessible collection that is also clean and carbon-neutral, thanks to Tezos and its Proof of Stake network.

There will be 600 dogs in all, and I plan to release some on a daily basis. Unlike some other pixel collectibles out there, my pups are not auto-generated with a randomizer. Each one is completely unique and hand-pixeled by me in Procreate!

I’ll be pricing them on an ascending bonding curve to reward early adopters and to hopefully increase the excitement and value of becoming the owner of one of my special pups.

I will be creating many different dog breeds, including mutts, but if you have any suggestions for a breed you’d like to see, please contact me.

Also, be sure to follow me on Twitter @NFTYpups to be the first to hear about new drops.

I look forward to seeing all my pups find new homes!

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